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on April 2, 2013

Very interesting video about kids learning to code, and what 2030 will look like…Very thoughtful! It talks about how teachers can be experts in an area, but kids can Google what we say and they become the experts. So….why not let them be the experts and explain things to us?  I put this link on the links page also.


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  1. Kristy Bovre says:

    I just saw something in my area news about this: The Stevens Point school district is taking aims at keeping its students up to date with technology. This will help students to become the experts and allow them to be the ones to explain new forms of technology to us.

  2. !library!12 says:

    Wow, a whole building dedicated to teaching teachers technology and how to incorporate it into their curriculum? That’s amazing. I just talked to our superintendent yesterday. He said that he was asked when our district would become a district that has a piece of technology for each student, and he said never. Hmmm, I was hoping for a different answer. And to actually ask the community what they think? Another novel idea. 🙂

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