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Getting teachers literate (digitally)

on April 5, 2013

I found this neat poster and followed it back to its site and found a nice, short definition of digital literacy as well as a poster I would want in my library.

Digital literacy will be coming to the younger generation at a faster rate so what needs to be developed is a way of professional development to keep teachers involved and informed of the newest technology. I’ve been reading articles for my research class and my topic is successful professional development and what I have been finding is not only do you need to have a good length of time set up for teaching teachers, but they too need constant reinforcement and encouragement to use it. To me, that is the biggest obstacle to student literacy, teacher literacy.


One response to “Getting teachers literate (digitally)

  1. Pam says:

    I really agree Jamie. We’ve just had a technology committee meeting, which I am part of now that I’m LMS, and we were discussing staff development. Most of us agreed that teachers need to be taught how to use the technology available before they can teach the students or even know the capabilities of what’s out there. Why buy Ipads if no one knows how to use them?

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