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Digital vs. Information Literacy

on April 8, 2013

in my research I’ve come across the term “information literacy” a lot when I search “digital literacy.”  Do you think the terms are interchangeable?  

Here’s another poster idea, courtesy of Ithaca College:




2 responses to “Digital vs. Information Literacy

  1. kbovre says:

    “Information literacy” and “digital literacy” can be used interchangeably, to an extent. I think when we’re dealing more with technology, “digital literacy” should be used. When we’re dealing with being proficient with all kinds of mediums, i.e. print vs. non-print resources, then we should use the term “information literacy.”

  2. Pam says:

    I agree with kbovre! They don’t sound particularly alike, but where do we find our information? Digitally! Sooooo, I’m thinking they are very interchangeable. Great catch by the way Jennifer and thanks for mentioning it. I have been ignoring the “informational technology” things I’ve found, when I should have probably been checking them out.

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