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Getting back to basics

I know the internet being a common thing is not that old, and using it in schools has been happening for a while now too, but do you think maybe we need to get back to the basics? Maybe we need to start from the beginning with our students. Teaching them how to search,, with this power searching webinar from Google might be nice. Then…do you know all you can do with Gmail and Google Chrome? We’ve been learning about all of the different things that can be done with this in a few staff developments. Go here to the Chrome Store and download apps and extensions to use on your Google Drive and Chrome. Google Drive is amazing for what can be done on it and with it. It’s not just to type documents, it’s also your own web-based storage cloud. I’m teaching a staff development on it tomorrow. I will post the overview in case anyone wants to check it out. 

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Integrating Media Literacy into the Classroom


This is an article published by the National Association for Media Literacy Education.  It gives three case studies of teaching media literacy through inquiry-based learning.  One of the teachers  in the study was not highly digitally literate himself and learned some skills as his students did.  

What I appreciated about the article is that it shows how media literacy can be taught to facilitate inquiry learning and critical thinking, not just as technical lessons for using tools, and can be taught (and learned!) by real-world teachers.


Getting teachers literate (digitally)

I found this neat poster and followed it back to its site and found a nice, short definition of digital literacy as well as a poster I would want in my library.

Digital literacy will be coming to the younger generation at a faster rate so what needs to be developed is a way of professional development to keep teachers involved and informed of the newest technology. I’ve been reading articles for my research class and my topic is successful professional development and what I have been finding is not only do you need to have a good length of time set up for teaching teachers, but they too need constant reinforcement and encouragement to use it. To me, that is the biggest obstacle to student literacy, teacher literacy.

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New link – Digital Literacy in the Classroom

Hey everyone,

I found an excellent YouTube video about digital literacy. Enjoy.

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What is Digital Literacy?

Okay…Let’s start with this. Once we define digital literacy, we can discuss the best ways to improve in this area and to understand it more fully and therefore help us to educate our students, right? Wikipedia says it “is the ability to locate, organize, understand, evaluate, and create information using digital technology” or “the ability to effectively and critically navigate, evaluate and create information using a range of digital technologies.”

Soooo, does this just mean being able to use the internet and all of its tools, or does it mean using all different tools, like cell phones, iPads, eReaders, etc.?