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Getting back to basics

I know the internet being a common thing is not that old, and using it in schools has been happening for a while now too, but do you think maybe we need to get back to the basics? Maybe we need to start from the beginning with our students. Teaching them how to search,, with this power searching webinar from Google might be nice. Then…do you know all you can do with Gmail and Google Chrome? We’ve been learning about all of the different things that can be done with this in a few staff developments. Go here to the Chrome Store and download apps and extensions to use on your Google Drive and Chrome. Google Drive is amazing for what can be done on it and with it. It’s not just to type documents, it’s also your own web-based storage cloud. I’m teaching a staff development on it tomorrow. I will post the overview in case anyone wants to check it out. 

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Literacy past, present and future

As I was perusing articles about technology integration I came across this great article going over the decades of media literacy and how it has evolved. Media has evolved and students and teachers have a vast majority of mediums in which to select. It is interesting to see how new technology was or wasn’t embraced over the years and what the author feels will be the next steps in encouraging increased usage of these available sources. Their thoughts are we have to understand the past to be able to better see how we will progress in the future. All those schools who are not embracing it fully now will soon more than likely be finding themselves at the bottom of the pile looking up.


Digital Literacy & Common Core

Great article on Digital Literacy and Common Core. What exactly do the CCSS say about digital literacy?  This blogger explains how he answers that question with the technology he uses in his classroom.


Digital citizenship

I think this would be neat to introduce to a library skills class and to have all of the students sign at the beginning of the year.  This poster could hang in the library all year long to remind everyone that they are digital citizens with roles and responsibilities in our digital world.

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A “must have” poster

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