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Digital vs. Information Literacy

in my research I’ve come across the term “information literacy” a lot when I search “digital literacy.”  Do you think the terms are interchangeable?  

Here’s another poster idea, courtesy of Ithaca College:




Competencies of Digital Literacy

This post helped me focus on what digital literacy looks like.

One commenter had an astute post:

“I think these are all worthwhile skills, though I think the students are conflating functional digital literacy with the figurative sense of literacy (critical thinking, ethical reasoning, and other skills). Some have nothing to do with literacy at all. Championing net neutrality? Creating technology policy? Learning from peers? I’ll admit that these are incredibly important things to learn (and things that I stress in my interactions with students), but calling them “literacies” just muddies the waters.

FWIW, I think digital literacy has two meanings. Very roughly, the first is the functional sense: digital literacy is the ability to use digital technology to communicate. The second is the figurative sense: digital literacy refers to the evaluative skills that are required for effectively using and producing information in the digital environment.”


What’s an effective way to teach students that simply having the technical skills is only part of the battle?  It’s kind of like teaching them to read in the first place:  simply saying the words isn’t the same as understanding, evaluating, and synthesizing.  

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Digital Literacy and Early Childhood

As I was thinking about what to post I thought about the use of Digital Literacy  in the Early Childhood field that I work in.  Where I work, the most technology we use is a tape recorder or CD player.  We feel that the children get enough TV and computer play at home.  I would have to agree, I have watched children walk in with their parents phones watching things or playing games.  What happen to talking to your children to and from school?

The following article has made really think about the use of Digital Literacy in the early childhood classroom.  I will have to get back to you on my final decision.

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How do we challenge our digital learners?

As teachers, we spend a lot of time trying to incorporate all kinds of web 2.0 tools into our lessons.  For example, having students create presentations via Prezi or VoiceThread, as opposed to using PowerPoint.  Do you think we should be teaching our students how to make these kinds of programs instead of how to use them?